We Continued to Grow in Our Fortieth Year

We Continued to Grow in Our Fortieth Year

As Limak, we are enjoying the pride of having left 2016 behind as a busy and successful year. While leaving our fortieth year behind, we continued to grow in all sectors where we operate and reached even closer to our goal of being included among firsts. Our Group completed a highly efficient year with the projects undertaken domestically and abroad.



As the Group, our objective is to be included among the top three on a regional basis, in our strategic sectors that may be listed as energy, cement and construction. Africa and the Balkans emerge to the forefront as our growth areas where we are rapidly investing in, outside of Turkey.


In our infrastructure investments, we continue to increase the operations at the LimakPort İskenderun and Pristina Adem Jashari International Airport, which we are operating, in parallel with our capacity.


Recently, we are also enjoying the well-deserved pride of contributing in the strategic projects of Turkey. From these, we will complete the first phase of the Istanbul New Airport project, which will eventually reach a passenger capacity of 200 million, in 2018 and take it into operation. Meanwhile, we have completed the Ankara High-Speed Train Station project, the first and only high speed train station project of Turkey that we had undertaken with two partners, in 2016 and started its operation. The construction and operation of the Northern Marmara Highway 4th Section Project, interconnecting the additional roads of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge in Istanbul is also included among those that stand out in the many projects we have undertaken. In addition, we have started to work on the Lot 4 (Eskişehir-Greece section) of the TANAP-Trans Anatolia Natural Gas Pipeline Project, which was awarded to the joint venture where we are a part of. Our 1,100-bed capacity hotel construction in Cyprus is continued and we aim to open it in 2017.


From our investments in the field of energy, our investments are continued for the construction of the 100 MW Kargı Dam and HEPP and as aimed to increase the capacity of the Hamitabat Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plant. We plan to complete both projects in 2017. In the meantime, our group has been awarded the tender for the Gürsöğüt Dam and HEPP project that will have 56 MW power and the construction is planned to be started, following the project development studies.


We have completed the Cairo International Airport Terminal Building No. 2 project, one of our prominent projects abroad, and the Banja Dam and HEPP, which is one of the two dam projects we have undertaken in Albania, in 2016. We have started the Kuwait International Airport Terminal II Project, which poses as the biggest contract awarded to a Turkish contracting company so far with a contract price of 4 billion 600 million dollars and is one of the most prestigious projects in the world. Meanwhile, our Ukraine Dnipro subway construction project, the contract for which we had signed in 2016, is continued. We are building two cement plants in Africa. We have already taken the factory in Mozambique into operation, while the construction of the project we have undertaken in the Ivory Coast is continued.  In addition, we plan to complete the Aeroport International Blaise-Diagne Airport Project in Dakar, capitol of Senegal, in 2017. We will also operate this airport for 20 years following construction.


We are following up on new projects outside of Turkey, namely in East Europe, Africa, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, in addition to our numerous projects that are in progress.


We continue our efforts to minimize environmental impacts in the value chain in all fields we operate, and to create value for our social stakeholders and the society for a livable future, in addition to our successful economic performance in our operational and commercial activities. We follow a balanced and environment friendly growth strategy, acting on the principle of “meeting the needs of today without risking the capacity of the future generations to meet their own needs” in all our activities. With this vision, we published our 2014-2015 Sustainability Report, which is our second GRI approved sustainability report. Our report, which also included our practices for compliance with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact that we have signed, was found worthy of the gold prize, which is the second biggest prize, as a result of the evaluations in the 2015/16 Vision Awards organized every year by one of the most prestigious public communications platforms of the world - the American Communication Professionals League. We have already started to work on our sustainability report that will cover 2016 and 2017 with this motivation, by updating our group’s sustainability vision and reviewing the outlines of our strategic road map. We continue our journey as aimed to control the sustainability of our activities under many headings, to monitor and analyze the data in this respect and offer a reputable reference in our communications with our stakeholders.


We have established the Limak Education Culture and Health Foundation in 2016, in order to collect all social responsibility and aid projects we have been continuing for years under a single roof, and ensure their continuation at a more corporate and effective level. One of the most important projects of our foundation in the field of education is the Engineer Girls of Turkey project, which we have started in 2015 as a comprehensive and long-term project aimed to support women to take more part in the field of engineering. With this project, we support school girls who currently are or will study engineering from many respects throughout their education, in order to ensure that our girls take more part in this field and invest in the bright future of Turkey. We are continuing the university leg of the project, which we had started with 40 students, with 54 students from all over the country from Istanbul to Erzurum. Meanwhile, awareness raising activities in the high-school leg e initiated in 2017 in Hatay province.


Another project we have started as the Limak Foundation is the Gülseren Özdemir Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Program. We aim to contribute in the education and development of the youth in secondary education, studying with success despite financial impossibilities, with this project.


On the other hand, we are proud to note that the KEDS Academy, founded by the Kosovo Electricity Distribution Company (KEDS) where we are a partner of, has given its 3rd term graduates and LimakASI, within the organization of the Pristina  Adem Jashari International Airport that we operate, has given its first graduates. These two projects that have been found worthy of many awards have been able to offer an important solution to the unemployment problem in the country.


As we leave our fortieth year behind, we will continue to carry our group and our country even further, together with our employees and our stakeholders, with whom we walk together and have signed many economic and social achievements so far.