About us

About us

Established in 1976 with Limak Construction, Limak continues its activities in construction, tourism, cement, infrastructure and energy investments, energy contracting, aviation and food.

Limak Construction, has successfully completed many major projects of over $ 6,5 billion in total value including airports, ports, dams, irrigation systems, highways, hydroelectric power plants, industrial plants, oil and gas pipelines, building complexes, hotels and resorts. It is ranked in the world’s largest international construction companies list of Engineering News Record Magazine. The Istanbul New Airport Project, the 1915 Canakkale Bridge and the Malkara-Canakkale Motorway in Turkey and Kuwait International Airport, Dakar Blaise-Diagne International Airport projects in Senegal are among the many projects currently undertaken.

Limak Tourism Group which owns one of the biggest hotel chains in Turkey is growing sustainably and increasing its contribution to the Turkish economy and Turkey’s global representation. Currently Limak Tourism Group owns and operates Limra, Arcadia, Lara, Atlantis Hotels in Antalya, Ambassadore Hotel in Ankara, Eurasia Hotel in Istanbul, Thermal Hotel in Yalova and continues its investment in Cyprus.

Limak Cement is Turkey’s second largest cement producer with 11 cement factories, 23 ready-mixed concrete plants and an annual cement production capacity of 15.6 million tons. Limak Cement also has two important investments in Africa, Mozambique Grinding and Packing Plant has been in operation, and the Grinding-Packing and Ready Mixed Concrete Plant in Ivory Coast is scheduled to go into operation this year.

Limkon, the representative of Limak Group of Companies in the food sector continues its successful line in the sector by processing fruit juice concentrate, fruit pulp, tomato paste production and all kinds of fruit based products at its facility in Adana.

Limak Energy, is active in the whole energy value chain including electricity generation, distribution, sales and trading. Under its strategic targets, Limak Energy continues to develop new projects in order to reach 5000 MW generation capacity. In addition to the 7 hydroelectric power plants in operation, there are two hydroelectric power plants in Ankara and Eskişehir, geothermal power plant in Denizli and solar energy projects in Konya and Isparta in the planning phase. Upon completion of these projects, the renewable energy installed power will be approximately 930 MW and the HEPP installed power will be 900 MW. Adding the 1,186 MW installed power Hamitabat Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant, which is the first natural gas combined cycle power plant in Turkey, to its portfolio in 2013, in order to further reinforce availability in production, the group has quickly started the investment operations to increase plant efficiency to the highest level at this facility. Lignite and imported coal power plants constitute another important leg of source diversity. At the end of 2014, the Kemerköy and Yeniköy thermal power plants with a total installed power of 1,065 MW have been taken over. Limak Energy, is also one of the leading companies in the electricity distribution sector, with 16.5 billion kWh electricity distributed to 3.5 million subscribers by Uludağ Electricity Distribution in Turkey and Kosovo Electricity Distribution Companies abroad. At the same time in the energy trade, with 7 billion kWh annual trade volume, it is one of the pioneer and the most innovative companies of the sector.

Limak has transferred its achievement gained through the construction and management of Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport to Pristina Adem Yasari International Airport and
has undertaken together with its partners the Istanbul New Airport Project, which is one of the largest infrastructure investments in Turkey’s history. In addition, Limak redesigned and constructed LimakPort İskenderun, which has acquired the right to operate for 36 years at the beginning of 2012. With an annual handling capacity of 1 million TEU, LimakPort has become one of the most modern and largest container terminals of Eastern Mediterranean. The Ankara High-Speed Train Station, the first and only high speed train station project of Turkey that is undertaken partners, completed and started its operation in 2016.

Limak, continues to contribute to social life through various social responsibility projects in education, culture-arts, sports and environment, and microcredit supports. One of the most important projects in the field of education is the Engineer Girls of Turkey project, which we have started in 2015 as a comprehensive and long-term project aimed to support women to take more part in the field of engineering. With this project, we support school girls who currently are or will study engineering from many respects throughout their education, in order to ensure that our girls take more part in this field and invest in the bright future of Turkey. Another project is the Gülseren Özdemir Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Program. We aim to contribute in the education and development of the youth in secondary education, studying with success despite financial difficulties, with this project. On the other hand, Turkish Energy Academy project has been launched with the aim of creating a solution to youth unemployment by providing engineering students with business opportunities in the energy sector and creating an exemplary industry-university cooperation on the training of the qualified workforce of the energy sector in terms of generation, distribution and marketing. KEDS Academy, founded by the Kosovo Electricity Distribution Company (KEDS) where we are a partner of and LimakASI, within the organization of the Pristina Adem Jashari International Airport that we operate, have also been able to offer an important solution to the unemployment problem in the country.

Limak Group of Companies whose quality of services has been certified by various international awards and certificates both at home and abroad is working in all the sectors it exists with its experienced and trained manpower within the principle of maximum productivity and effectiveness and occupying a prominent place among the leading companies.