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Engineer Girls of Turkey

Engineer Girls of Turkey

As Limak, we created our project in 2015, aiming to support school girls, who are or will be receiving engineering education, from many respects throughout their education. The Engineer Girls of Turkey (EGT) project starts with attracting school girls from all four corners of our country to engineering education, and continues with numerous support activities. The project, which we have carried out in partnership with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) since June 2016, consists of two separate activity groups as aimed for high schools and universities.

We enlighten school girls studying at the high schools about the engineering profession by different events, within the scope of the project. In this way, we aim for them to feel close to engineering and include engineering more in their profession selections.

Meanwhile, we support our successful young girls who are studying at the engineering faculties of universities and need financial support, throughout their education lives in various respects. These supports include; 
• Education scholarship throughout university education, 
• Opportunity for internship in Limak and other organizations in the sector, 
• Mentoring support through our volunteer female engineers, 
• Social engineering certificate program, 
• Online English language training, 
• Opportunity of employment in Limak and different organizations in the sector, within the scope of the requirements.

The voluntary education and mentoring program is conducted by female engineers working in Limak and other female engineers who stand out in this field. The mentors and mentees are trained by professionals in the field, and they are in a communication network based on experience transfer with the scholars.

In the third year of the project, the scholarship and mentoring program for 106 university students continues. We launched our activities to create awareness and enlighten female students studying in high schools, with different events related to the engineering profession in 10 cities and reached 20.000 students.